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Fermented and conditioned slowly at low temperatures, it often settles to the bottom of the vessel in a process known as "bottom fermenting". The result is a full bodied, mellow beer that is crisp and refreshing with far less fruit flavours than an ale. 

Stiegl Goldbrau
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Affectionately known as Salzburg's liquid gold, this lager is mild at first sip with a full-bodied taste, slightly edgy, grainy undernotes and typical hoppy notes. Wonderfully refreshing and very drinkable!..
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 A crisp, refreshing gluten free lager with a harmonious balance of fruit, maltiness and hop character. Never overbearing, very drinkable...
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A crisp refreshing pilsner-style lager from Ballykilcaavan Brewery! Unfined and unfiltered with a nice and easy-drinking palate, sweet malty notes, and a clean, dry finish...
Ex Tax:€2.80
A gluten free lager that's bound to impress! This is one clean, bright, and refreshing, lager with soft nuttiness and biscuit from the malts and spicy notes from the German Tradition hops. Very approachable and very sessionable!..
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A pilsner with a twist! This Farmhouse Pilsner is double dry-hopped with Hallertauer-Mittelfrueh, Chateau pilsner malt, and Cara pils, revealing traditional spicy and earthy notes alongside all those classic Italian pilsner notes...
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This golden, refreshing lager offers a fine balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Brewed with 100% Canadian two-row pale malt and Moosehead’s own lager yeast, Moosehead Lager is cool-fermented and cold-aged to impart its award-winning flavour...
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Whiplash presents a tasty German-style lager with Blue Ghost. Made from German pilsner malt, Carapils and fresh alpine water, it's fermented with the brewery's favourite lager strain to give it a malty punch! This crisp beer is both hoppy and herbal with hints of citrus and spice. Perfect for sunny ..
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No fury in this one, just a smooth, easy-drinking helles lager! This one pays the perfect homage to that classic Munich beer style: Clean and fresh with a touch of zest, funky hops, and crisp finish. Delightful. ..
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Brewed in Munich by the oldest brewery in the town, it actually dates back to 1328! This is regarded by many in Germany as the best lager in the world. It is almost certainly the best German lager and is the benchmark to which all Helles style lagers should be measured. An excllent beer that is both..
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Dublin City Pioneer Pilsner
4 for €12
A limited edition pilsner which gets its name from all the independent, smaller brewers once prominent across the towns and counties of Ireland. This beer has great malt character perfectly balanced with classic pilsner hops! Crisp and refreshing with subtle floral notes. ..
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A fruity, citrus forward beer with a deep, bitter edge layered with Umami maltiness. Made by combining the Japanese citrus fruit yuzu with a traditionally-styled lager. Crack this one open on the next sunny day or when you're looking for a nice and refreshing brew!..
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Stiegl Hell
4 for €10
A crystal-clear helles lager from Austria's Stiegl! This is one crisp and bright brew made with regionally sourced malts. There is a subtle acidity and smooth carbonation in this one with delectably soft bready notes. Devilishly drinkable!..
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