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A dark beer made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast. Stouts were traditionally the generic term for the strongest or 'stoutest' porters. Today, there are a number of variations; Imperial, Oatmeal, Milk to name but a few. 

A wonderful barrel aged stout from O'Hara's! Casks which were previously used for Irish Whiskey were filled with O’Hara’s full-bodied and rich Leann Folláin Extra Irish Stout. The stout is aged in oak Irish Whiskey barrels where it picks up the flavours of whiskey and oak cask.  After ageing, t..
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Crumbling Crowd is the second beer from Oddity Brewing. This classic stout packs lots of roasted malts and coffee in the nose. Taste is also roasted, with coffee, vanilla, and some cocoa hints. Delicious stuff all-around!..
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The Easter Bunny called and he wants his beer back...introducing the Porterhouse Chocolate Truffle Stout. An incredibly smooth, creamy stout with plentiful notes of chocolate, vanilla and caramel. High cocoa chocolate and chocolate essence have been added to this brew. ..
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This expression has ben labelled XXXX for two reasons, the alcohol level and the depth of flavour. Rich aromas with the flaked barley delivering big time on full-bodied texture. Think coffee and bitter dark chocolate notes. ..
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All of our favourite things rolled into one, a chocolate, salted caramel stout! Golden Promise, Cara and Crystal malt have been used to create a delicious caramel note, followed by chocolate wheat for a richer mouthfeel and chocolate note. Then just a touch of salt has been added to the boil! ..
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As if we didn't love the Siren Broken Dream enough...they've only gone and made it a NITRO! Yes please! Pour this brew quick for the full effect and expect an incredible mouthfeel along with flavours of dark chocolate and plenty of sweetness...
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A milk stout with a healthy dose of Tonka beans! This milk stout has saturating layers of rich chocolate and coffee with spicy warmth and notes of caramel and nuts. These South American beauties add complex flavours of vanilla, almonds, cherry, and cinnamon...
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A delicious triple, dry hopped stout from the Tom Crean Brewery in Kenmare...
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Cherries and chocolate? What's not there to love! Aromas of chocolate and some light roast malt. Initial flavours of bitter chocolate followed by a rich complex maltiness. A sweet finish with hints of dark fruit...
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At a whopping 11%, this stout from Whiplash is no joke! Pilsner, Carabohemian, Dark Crystal, Chocolate malt and molasses rich in Muscovado sugar have been used to create this brew along with fermented coconut, single origin Ethiopian coffee from 3FE and roasted hazelnuts. Incredibly complex with a r..
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White Hag Dark Druid
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This reminds us of a bounty bar...only in liquid form! This is the second release of the Dark Druid range of pastry stouts which is rich in chocolate flavours with a wisp of coconut. A real treat yourself beer!..
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The classic German dessert, the Black Forest Gateau in beer form! The fifth release of The Dark Druid series. This is a sweet and rich pastry stout, brewed with dark cherries, rich cream, and chocolate. A delicious Christmas treat!..
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